Color & Processing Department

Colors & Advanced Processing Department

The Colors & Advanced Processing Department is mainly involved in handling colors, chemical raw materials, and other products that are vital components of functional materials that connect people with information—both digital and analog. The department also sells copolyester resins, functional sheets and films, and plastic molding products manufactured by Eastman Chemical. This department offers high-value, proprietary solutions, working closely with Group manufacturing companies and the Nagase Application Workshop to build a network of businesses across a wide range of domains.

Customer Industry

Paper manufacturing/thermal paper, cosmetics and toiletries, electronic equipment, sheets and films, printing and print materials, fiber processing, auto body paint

Main Products and Service

Pigments/additives, digital print processing materials, copolyester resins, functional sheets and films, organic transparent conductive materials, dyestuffs, fiber processing agents, auto body repair paint

Colors and Additives Division

Colors lab

zero emission print system

Scantec Sales Expand

plastic goods

Kotobuki Kasei Corp.

Major affiliated

Nagase ChemteX CorporationHayashibara Co., Ltd.Totaku Industries, Inc., Kotobuki Kasei Corporation, Nagase Techno-Engineering Co.,Ltd., Nagase Chemical Co., Ltd., Nishinihon Nagase Co., Ltd., Nagase Tool Matex Co.,Ltd.Sofix Corporation

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