Fine Chemicals Department

Life & Healthcare Products Department

The Life & Healthcare Products Department sets its sights on contributing to food, beauty, and health as a member of the Life & Healthcare segment. This department is developing high value-added products that help people live better and healthier lives, leveraging the Group' s comprehensive strengths in trading, R&D, and manufacturing and processing in the global food materials, pharmaceutical/medical materials, cosmetic materials, household materials, agriculture, fisheries, and livestock fields.

Customer Industry

Foods, pharmaceuticals and medical, diagnostic drugs, cosmetics, household goods, agricultural, fisheries and livestock

Main Products and Service

Functional food ingredients (functional saccharides, enzymes, health food materials, and food additives), cosmetics and household product materials (whitening agents, moisturizing agents, UV absorbers, activators, antibacterial agents, and nutritional supplements, chelates), pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs], clinical trial APIs, intermediates, raw materials, formulations, additives), in-vitro diagnostics, medical materials, related materials for agriculture, fisheries, and livestock (agricultural chemicals and materials, fertilizers, feed and feed additives)

Major affiliated

Nagase ChemteX CorporationHayashibara Co., Ltd.Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd., Kawai Hiryo Corporation, Nagase Sanbio Co., Ltd.

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