Nagase R&D Center

Nagase R&D Center

The Nagase R&D Center serves to provide biotechnology research and development functions for the NAGASE Group as a whole, bridging the NAGASE Group trading company and manufacturing hybrid business model.   Our mission is to develop proprietary actinomycetes technologies to bring safe, secure, eco-friendly chemicals and materials to fruition through biotechnology process innovation. In doing so, the Center will continue to create the seeds of new businesses not yet conceived of in our current operations. The watchwords of the R&D Center are “unique, independent, and innovative.” Guided by this motto, we pursue research and development activities that provide value to both NAGASE Group affiliated companies and our customers. This type of value is distinctive of the research and development function within the traditional trading company model.

Main Functions

  • Proprietary biotechnology development functions integrating advanced technologies and academic knowledge across a wide range of fields (N-STePP™: Nagase Streptomyces Technology for Precious Products)
  • Planning and development functions leading to new businesses that make possible the use of biotechnologies for the efficient production of useful substances with low environmental impact (Field: Biochemicals, functional materials)
  • External Biotechnology assessment, adoption functions

Achievements in Fiscal 2015

  • Using microbes to produce natural UV absorbers (patented)
  • Publication of a paper explicating the UV-absorbing mechanisms of UV-absorbing substances
  • Publication of a paper on the enzyme preservation effects of new betaine compounds
  • Authorship of a publication on functions, production methods, and applications of phospholipids
  • Feasibility study on the production of anti-aging cosmetics ingredients utilizing actinomycetes
  • Methods for producing proteins as electronic materials utilizing microorganisms

Fiscal 2015 Strategies

The Nagase R&D Center is dedicated to creating a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind. To this end, we develop value-added materials utilizing proprietary microorganisms, based on multidisciplinary fields in synthetic biology. At the same time, we continue to propose new ideas to commercialize these technologies, planting seeds that we hope will one day become new businesses. In fiscal 2016, we plan to strengthen ties with universities and outside research institutes in order to be able to take the lead in discovering seeds of new business, quickly conducting validation and feasibility studies of new concepts guided by surveys of customer needs. This will lead to the creation of even more new development concepts for our department to pursue. We are prioritizing productivity increases for our current development of an anti-aging ingredient, working with affiliated departments in the Group to commercialize this technology as quickly as possible.


Nagase R&D Center

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