Mobility Solutions Department

Business Profile

Business Overview

The NAGASE Mobility Solutions Department strives to meet market demands and accommodate a new transitional period for the technical aspects of cars. In an automotive industry that is experiencing rapid global expansion, our department responds to a society that demands automobiles that are safe, secure, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly, while enhancing the NAGASE Group’s manufacturing functions. We also seek to achieve expansion of our business as well as a next-generation automobile society, with sales of high-performance materials and manufactured products through utilization of our global operations and distribution network.

Main Products and Services

Commodity plastics and engineering plastics for automotive interior/exterior components, automotive interior/exterior and functional components, lightweight materials and components, electronics components, auxiliaries, plastic-related equipment, devices and tools

Client Industries

Automotive and automotive parts industries

Japan Bases for the Mobility Solutions Department

Interior / Exterior Components Functional Components Car Electronics Japan Bases for the Mobility Solutions Department Fukuoka Hiroshima Osaka Nagoya Tokyo

Global Outreach of the Mobility Solutions Department

As of March 31, 2018


Japan and overseas clients
(NAGASE Group)
Overseas bases
(NAGASE Group)

* Figures for sales and number of employees are from the Mobility and Energy Segments (consolidated)

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