Message From The Management

The NAGASE Group, for many years, has consistently advocated a management philosophy grounded on “maintaining the highest standard of integrity as a member of society,” placing the utmost importance on compliance with laws and regulations.

As the business activities of the NAGASE Group become increasingly globalized and its business transactions ever more diversified, the awareness in society towards the “social responsibility of corporations” for their corporate activities, too, has also grown. It is with this background that we established in October 2002 the company’s “Basic Compliance Policy,” and based on this policy, in December 2003, the “NAGASE Group Code of Conduct” and “Compliance Help Desk Rules” (subsequently partially revised in 2012), and additionally in October 2008, the “Product Safety Principles,” all of which have been adopted and enacted by the entire NAGASE Group, both domestically and overseas.

In recent years, with the speed with which changes in the external environment are continually accelerating, restrictions through laws and regulations are becoming borderless and ever more complex and stringent, and we have seen particularly stringent demands for compliance with the prohibition of bribery and the rules on fair competition. The demands and expectations that society places on corporations also continue to evolve, and there is an ever-increasing demand on corporations to act socially responsibly.

In light of these changes and trends, we have reevaluated and will be revising the Basic Compliance Policy, NAGASE Group Code of Conduct, and Compliance Help Desk Rules.

The NAGASE Group expects the officers and employees of the company to carry out their jobs in strict adherence with the NAGASE Group Code of Conduct, but rather than to view this as “a limit on permitted activities and behavior,” it is my sincere hope that respecting compliance will be a voluntary decision that each of you will make for yourselves.

Respecting compliance in every action that we take as a company, and being an organization that can detect a problem early, take prompt corrective action, implement improvement measures and rectify any problem swiftly and decisively will allow us to gain credibility and trust with our business partners and stakeholders. Credibility and trust are our Group’s treasured assets, and my desire for our Group is to continue to grow these assets through our daily business activities.

September 1,2017

Kenji Asakura

Representative Director, President