On Animal Experimentations

NAGASE & CO., LTD. (hereinafter, “we”) will not conduct or outsource experimentation on animals unless required by relevant domestic or foreign laws and regulations or guidelines issued by relevant authorities, or unless it is the only way to explain or provide assurance to the public regarding the safety of our products or ingredients used in the products, when such explanation or assurance is required based upon our legal obligations in the event of any post-marketing accident or instruction by relevant authorities of each country.

When providing animals for use in testing, study, and research or the manufacture of biological preparations, or for any other scientific use, we will give consideration to the appropriate use of such animals by such means as using alternative methods to that of the use of animals as much as possible and reducing the number of animals provided for such use as much as possible, within the extent that the purpose of the scientific use can be attained.

In addition, in case where an animal is provided for a scientific use, we will use a method that minimizes the pain and distress to the animal as much as possible, within the limit necessary for such use.