Colors & Advanced Processing Department

This department traces its roots back to the dyeing business at the very founding of our company. The department consists of four main product groups: digital printing supply, colors & additives, functional film materials, and polymer products. We promote collaboration and open innovation within the Group between business divisions and affiliated companies in order to cover a wider range of industries. We are striving to discover new business opportunities both domestically and internationally based around a core of "Buy-Sell" and "Make-Sell" businesses.

Customer Industry

Paper manufacturing/thermal paper, cosmetics and toiletries, electronic equipment, sheets and films, printing and print materials, fiber processing, auto body paint

Main Products and Service

Pigments/additives, digital print processing materials, copolyester resins, functional sheets and films, organic transparent conductive materials, dyestuffs, fiber processing agents, auto body repair paint


Value through Kansei

A recent concept popular in Japanese manufacturing is Kansei value, or the idea creating products that appeal to all five senses of the consumer. Kansei value heightens customer satisfaction and trust.
Using a storehouse of information collected over the past 180 years, NAGASE has the ability to offer Kansei value to our customers through premium colors, materials, and functions that are both visually and sensually appealing.

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Color of the year 2021

Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA)publishes “color trends ” every year.
In the research activities over 60 years, it is becoming known that the color that is in fashion is closely related to the times, society, and people's consciousness from time to time.
Taking advantage of that experience, we selected a color symbolizing "this year's color, next year's color", and we publish it on November 16.