Electronic Chemicals Department

The Electronic Chemicals Department provides unique products and services for the electronics industry, including formulated epoxy resins, photolithography materials, chemical management equipment, semiconductor equipment, and other proprietary products and services. The department answers the needs of the Japanese and overseas markets, focusing on high-valueadded products produced by Group manufacturing companies. The department strives for high profitability, integrating trading and Group manufacturing functions.

Customer Industry

Electronic components, semiconductors, heavy electric machinery, displays, automotive, aircraft, environment and energy

Main Products and Service

Formulated epoxy resins and related products, photolithography materials for the production of semiconductors and liquid crystal displays, siloxane materials, chemical management equipment for liquid crystal display production processes, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and wafer bumping services


Epoxy Resins

NAGASE sells Nagase ChemteX Corporation liquid epoxy resins and other products to the world through centers in Japan, North America, and China. We mainly target sales of these liquid epoxy resins to customers in the heavy and light electrical, car electronics, environment and energy, and semiconductor industries.

Photolithography Materials

NAGASE sells products from Nagase ChemteX (chemicals and photoresist) and Inkron Limited (chemicals, etc.) throughout the world, mainly in semiconductor, electronic component, and touch sensor applications.

Semiconductor Post-Processing Business

NAGASE provides semiconductor manufacturing equipment and bumping services throughout the world from our centers in Europe, North America, and Asia. These products are mainly marketed to the semiconductor, electronic component, and module markets.

Major Group Companies

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