Electronic Materials Department

The Electronic Materials Department sells materials and components to smartphone, tablet, and wearables brand owners. The department also sells materials and components to display device, smartphone chassis, electronic substrate, and other suppliers. Over the past few years, we have been developing new businesses for the coming era of the Internet of Things. As a manufacturer, the department conducts businesses in glass processing, flame-resistant insulation/thermal conductive sheets.

Customer Industry

Smartphones, displays, touch panels, semiconductors, infotainment, lighting

Main Products and Service

Flexible display materials, organic EL materials, touch panel components, optical film for LCDs, electronic paper materials, materials for smartphone and tablet cases, silicon/semiconductor processing materials, flame-resistant insulation/thermal conductive sheets, sensor and lens modules, LED chips, abrasives, glass processing


Optical Lenses

NAGASE is growing its share of the optics market and developing new applications through cooperative business with Nissei Technology Corporation. Nissei Technology is one of the few plastic lens makers in the world that offers superior optical design and precision molding technologies.

Blood Vessel Authentication

In cooperation with Bionics Co., Ltd., NAGASE is developing the world’s thinnest blood vessel authentication system. This technology can be incorporated into any number of devices, including smartphones, PCs, vehicles, and more.

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