Energy Business Office

The Energy Business Office deals in energy management systems (EMS) combining and networking lithium ion battery (LiB) systems and photovoltaic (PV) modules. In combination with related component materials, NAGASE devises marketing strategies that anticipate future needs, dealing in and sharing information covering all aspects of the business from upstream to downstream. Beginning fiscal 2016, the department will begin dealing in LED optical communications equipment for the safe, stable control of infrastructure related to the businesses referenced above.

Customer Industry

Batteries, photovoltaics, automotive and automotive parts, construction, logistics, lighting, commercial facilities, public facilities, etc

Main Products and Service

Raw materials for lithium ion battery (LiB), photovoltaic (PV) modules, LiB systems, PV materials, applied products in energy management systems, independently powered systems, LED optical communications equipment, wireless communications modules



The Energy Business Office works with CAPTEX Co., Ltd. to design and develop home management systems (HEMs) for net-zero energy houses (ZEH).

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