Functional Resin Department
Precision Processing Materials Department

The Functional Resin Department and Precision Processing Materials Department responds to various industry needs through a powerful business network based on the synthesis and compounding technology of Nagase ChemteX, the core of the NAGASE Group's production functions.

The Functional Resin Department sells modified epoxy resins developed based on epoxy resin preparation design technology and compounding technology to industries including the electronics industry, heavy electrical/light electrical industry, and automobile/aircraft industry.

The Precision Processing Materials Department develops high-performance products for semiconductor devices, flat panel displays, and electronic devices based on precision cleaning technology, surface treatment technology, corrosion/anticorrosion control technology, photosensitive resin design and dimensional control technology.

Customer Industry

Electronic components, semiconductors, heavy electrical/light electrical machinery, displays, automotive, aircraft, environment and energy

Main Products and Service

Formulated epoxy resins and related products, photolithography materials for semiconductors and flat panel displays


Epoxy Resins

With a focus on the heavy electrical, light electrical, car electronics, enviroment/energy, and semiconductor sectors, NAGASE is expanding worldwide centered around the liquid epoxy resin of Nagase ChemteX Corporation from the three bases of Japan, North America and China.

Photolithography Materials

NAGASE has a focus on the semiconductor, sensor, and optical device sectors, and is expanding worldwide Nagase ChemteX Corporation's high performance products used in the photolithography process.

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