This is to give notice of the transfer of the “DVDirect” business, the online shopping site, to E-net Japan Corporation, as follows:
  1. Reasons for the transfer
      Nagase & Co., Ltd. commenced operation of “DVDirect”, the online shopping site, in April 2000 to sell DVD, videos, etc.
      An agreement has recently been reached to transfer the “DVDirect” business to E-net Japan Corporation with the intention of improving the quality of service for users.
  2. Details of the business transferred
    1. Business details
      Operation of “DVDirect,” the online shopping site, and the sale of DVD software, etc.
    2. Current status of the business (as of period ended March 2006)
      Sales: 1,427 million yen
    3. DVDirect address:

  3. Summary of the company to which the business is transferred
    1. Company name:
      E-net Japan Corporation
    2. Main business:
      Operation of a virtual shop that mainly deals with entertainment (audio visual equipment), computers (information equipment), home electronics, and various software.
    3. Founded:
      February 23, 1998
    4. Representative:
      Toru Ikedo, President, Representative Director
    5. Address of head office:
      6-90, Onoe-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
    6. Home page:

  4. Date of transfer
    October 1, 2006
  5. Effects on the business of Nagase & Co., Ltd.
    The transfer of said business has no bearing on the consolidated or unconsolidated financial forecasts of Nagase & Co., Ltd.