This is to give notice of the decision to dissolve and liquidate a subsidiary company, as follows:

  1. Summary of the company
    Company Name:              Nagase Medix Co., Ltd.
    Address of head office: 5-1, Nihonbashi-Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Representative:              Toshiaki Nishio, Representative Director
    Main business:                Manufacture of drugs and medical equipment, sale
                                            and development of medical software
    Founded:                         April 1998
    Capital:                            50 million yen
    Shareholders (investment ratio): Nagase & Co., Ltd. 100%
  2. Reason for dissolution and liquidation
    Following its withdrawal from the medical care product business for hospitals and test centers, the company’s raison d’etre has thus ended, hence the decision made to dissolve the company.
  3. Schedule
    Resolution to dissolve the company: End of September 2006 (planned)
    Completion of liquidation: Before the end of December 2006 (planned)
  4. Effects on the business of Nagase & Co., Ltd.
    The liquidation of this subsidiary company has no bearing on the consolidated or unconsolidated financial results of Nagase & Co., Ltd.