This is to give notice of the decision to dissolve and liquidate a subsidiary company, as follows:

  1. Summary of the company
    Company Name   : E-CUBE PTE. LTD.
    Location   :            Singapore
    Address   :            300 Beach Road The Concourse #39-00 Singapore
    Representative   : Kenji Nagafusa, Managing Director
    Main business   :   Energy conservation analysis, design, construction and
                                  management of facilities
    Founded   :           January 2003
    Capital   :               6 million Singapore dollars
    Shareholders (investment ratio)   : Nagase & Co., Ltd. 100%
  2. Reason for dissolution and liquidation
    Since the expansion of business in Singapore and the Asian region is not anticipated, the decision has been made to dissolve the company.
  3. Schedule
    Completion of liquidation : Before the end of March 2007 (planned)
  4. Outlook
    The effect of liquidation of this subsidiary company will be minimal on the consolidated or unconsolidated results of Nagase & Co., Ltd.