In compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in each country/district regarding protection of personal data, and based upon the Personal Data Protection Policy established by Nagase, we properly manage Personal Data provided to us by our customers, and handle such Personal Data as follows:

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Data

When Nagase receives Personal Data provided by our customers, we receive such data within an appropriate scope, and only after we have informed our customers of the purpose of use of such information, and how customers can contact our help desk. Nagase uses our customer’s information solely for purposes to which our customers consent. Nagase use all or part of the Personal Data provided to us for the purposes listed below:

・ Notifications and greetings based on social customs
・ Providing Nagase’s products and services and information relating to Nagase’s products and services
・ Execution and performance of contracts for Nagase’s products and services, as well as management after completion of such contracts
・ For explanatory information relating to Nagase’s business activities, and for the exchange of information
・ For services relating to or connected to services other than those described above.

※For detailed information on Nagase, please refer to the “Business Introduction” section on our Homepage.

2. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

For the purposes described above, Nagase may delegate the handling of our customers’ Personal Data to third parties. In such case, by methods such as causing such third parties to execute with Nagase an agreement regarding the protection of Personal Data, Nagase strives to provide necessary and appropriate supervision of such third party delegatees in accordance with laws and regulations related to the protection of Personal Data.

3. Internal Sharing of Personal Data

When necessary, Nagase may engage in internal sharing of Personal Data provided by customers, as follows:

・ Information shared: Company name, department/section, job title, name, address, telephone number, email address, and other information included on business cards
・ Scope of internal sharing: Nagase and affiliated companies indicated in our company’s securities reports
・ Purpose of use for internal sharing: The purposes listed in Section 1 above.

4. How to Contact Us (Help Desk)

Customers desiring that Nagase disclose, alter, add to, delete, or suspend the usage of their own Personal Data, or who have questions or complaints regarding our company’s handling of matters related to Personal Data, may contact us through this website’s “Inquiries” page ( Our physical address for mail is:

General Affairs Division
Human Resources
Nagase & Co., Ltd.
5-1 Nihonbashi-Kobunacho,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8355

When you write to us, please indicate the URL of this website that is relevant to your inquiry.