Product Safety and Quality Control

The NAGASE Group considers product safety and quality control a major social responsibility in order to provide customers with safe products and build a safe and secure society. According to the NAGASE Group Product Safety Principles, we strive to ensure the safety of products through Group-wide rules and education. In addition, the Quality Management Section of the Legal Division provides management of vendors and manufacturing contractors, support to Group manufacturing companies, and internal education.

Product Safety

Product Safety Principles

September 1, 2017

1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Internal Rules

The NAGASE Group naturally complies with the various laws and regulations pertaining to product safety, including the Consumer Product Safety Act. Beyond that, we consider product safety a key social responsibility, and, as a responsible manufacturer, strive sincerely to ensure the safety of products we produce and sell, including imported goods.

2.Formulating and Practicing Internal Rules

The NAGASE Group has formulated and manages a series of internal rules related to product safety, working proactively to ensure the safety of our products through ongoing improvement of these rules.

3.Product Safety Promotion Systems

The NAGASE Group has established systems necessary for rigorous compliance with not only product safety-related laws and regulations but also internal rules. The Group also strives to act in consideration of safety at all stages of the product chain, including research, development, planning, design, production, import, sale, and aftersale services. Further, we conduct regular internal audits and, when necessary, education and training, as well as revision of internal rules and systems.

4.Preventing Accidents from Misuse

In order to ensure safe use of its products, the NAGASE Group provides information appropriately to users, including product handling warnings and safety information helping to prevent incidents arising from misuse or negligence.

5.Product Incidents

When one of its products is involved in a product incident, the NAGASE Group takes all necessary actions to prevent harm. This may include recall of the product or other actions to prevent further harm. In these cases, the Group also proactively collects information about the product incident and shares it with product users and related parties promptly. Further, the Group also promptly provides oversight authorities with reports in accordance with laws and regulations.

6.Preventing Product Incident Recurrence

In the event of a product incident, the Group strives to determine the root cause of the incident, appropriately compiling and using the resulting records to prevent recurrence.

Handling Complaints

Though receiving a complaint from a user or business partner about a NAGASE Group product or service presents a major problem, it also offers highly-valuable information for the improvement of the Group's quality.
We strive to respond to complaint information from NAGASE Group customers and business partners in a prompt and appropriate fashion, with individual Group companies acting as needed at their respective locations.

For Consumer Safety and Security

NAGASE Group is working on various activities to gain the trust of customers by providing safe and secure products and services.

Nagase ChemteX Corporation

Nagase ChemteX’s Fukuchiyama Plant, which manufactures food additives and health food materials, manages everything from the acceptance of raw materials and manufacturing to quality assurance and product delivery. These practices comply with ISO 9001, Food Additive Good Manufacturing Practices, and FSSC 22000, which is an international standard for food safety that we plan to acquire in fiscal 2019.

ナガセケムテックス(株) 福知山事業所


Hayashibara has acquired FSSC 22000 certification for its mainstay product TREHA™. In addition, Hayashibara follows applicable GMPs for its active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceutical excipients in the management of everything from the acceptance of raw materials and manufacturing to quality assurance and product delivery.

(株)林原 機能糖質工場

Cosmetics Safety and Security

Basic Approach

Nagase Beauty Care sells direct to the consumer through an organization of independent sales agents. Because these products are cosmetics and health foods that come into direct contact with the human body, the company must practice product quality management under the strictest quality standards. Our highest priority is to provide our valued customers with safe, secure products and services.

Specific Initiatives

Our research and development pursues herb sciences and technology, selecting materials from a variety of plants, seeking out those that combine safety and functionality. The plant materials coming out of our research are used as the raw materials of end products, which are in turn subject to strict quality management systems in connection with the production process.
Nagase Beauty Care has established an after-sales support office, which answers customer questions about their purchases. We use the direct feedback from this office to improve the quality of our products and services.