The NAGASE Group aims to realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind. We believe a prerequisite of this vision is a sustainable global environment.

Currently, changes in the global environment are pressuring companies and individuals to make big decisions. The NAGASE Group helps realize a sustainable society by actively working to solve environmental problems, including by promoting a low-carbon society, realizing a recycling society, preventing pollution, preserving biodiversity, and efficiently using water.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations

The NAGASE Group, founded on its basic environmental approach, complies with laws and regulations pertaining to the environment, working together as a group to reduce its environmental footprint. In the event that a Group company violates one of these laws, the company in question reports this fact to our Risk Management & Compliance Committee, a mechanism allowing the entire Group to understand the situation. Going forward, we will not only continue to practice compliance with existing environment-related laws, but also enhance our preparedness level for legal systems that are either scheduled to be put into force, or that are under review.

Climate Change

Climate change has come to impose profound impact on the environment, society, the lives of the general public, and the activities of corporations.

Expectations are rising on the roles the private sector must play following the Paris Accords, established in 2015 with the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

So, too, does the NAGASE Group recognize the need to take measures against climate change. Going forward, we believe that we must explore the methods for setting and managing climate change scenarios.

Water Risk

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established and promoted by the United Nations include securing a stable supply of water and richer lifestyle, including access to water, for all people.

Here, the NAGASE Group works to rigorously reduce, reuse, and recycle in its business activities, striving to improve its usage efficiency and reduce its usage volumes.

Preventing Contamination

Basic Approach to Biodiversity

The NAGASE Group recognizes the critical environmental issue that is acting in consideration of and striving to maintain and conserve the biodiversity that underpins the world's ecosystems.

As we take this recognition and build policies on biodiversity in the future, we will explore the possible initiatives the NAGASE Group can take, given cooperation with government entities and environmental NGOs.