In line with the Revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy, NAGASE & CO., LTD. has been designated as a specified corporation by the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, as our energy usage exceeds fixed levels. Consequently, since fiscal 2011, we have compiled data on the amount of energy consumed at every facility, formulating medium- and long-term energy reduction plans and submitting regular reports to the Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.

We adopted and operate a building energy management system (BEMS) at our Tokyo head office building, Nagoya branch office, and NAGASE Global HR Development Center. We automated controls and energy conservation operations during summer peak usage times to keep environmental settings within target levels.

Fukui Yamada Chemical Received the Fukui Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Management by Businesses

In 2019, Fukui Yamada Chemical Co., Ltd., which manufactures Color Former functional dyes for printing receipts, tickets and more, received the 2018 Fukui Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Management by Businesses. This award is given to companies that take excellent energy-saving measures.

Fukui Yamada Chemical is taking energy-saving measures in an effort to reduce the amount of electricity and heavy oil used at its plants. In 2016, the company established the Safety Planning and Energy-Saving Office. The company reduced its idling electricity usage by visualizing the operating status of its machines and then staggering the peak hours of multiple machines to improve efficiency. As a result of these repeated efforts, the company was able to reduce electricity usage by around 12% and heavy oil by about 16% year on year in fiscal 2018 in terms of the energy needed to manufacture one kilogram of products. This achievement was one of the citations for the award.

The ceremony for the Fukui Governor’s Award