The NAGASE Group began building an environmental management structure in May 1999 by establishing an Environmental Protection Committee, a role currently assumed by the Risk Management & Compliance Committee. The committee encouraged and supported certification for ISO 14001, an international standard for environmental management systems. Today, NAGASE & CO., LTD. operates an environmental ISO organization that includes six other group companies: Nagase Chemical, Nagase Plastics, Nagase Abrasive Materials, Nishinihon Nagase, Nagase Elex, and Nagase-OG Colors & Chemicals. Japan group companies Nagase ChemteX, Nagase Medicals, Totaku Industries, Nagase Techno-Engineering, Nagase Techno Service, and Fukui Yamada Chemical have received independent certification. We will continue activities to improve environmental management systems among certified group companies.

Environmental Management Structure

Achieving ISO14001 certification

In May 1999, Nagase established its Environment Protection Committee. In July of the same year, the company's president declared the kick-off of the committee, which has since set environmental policy, built the environmental management system and coordinated our environmental preservation activities.

On April 28, 2000 we received ISO 14001 certification (No. YKA 0772685), the international standard for environmental management, from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The scope of certification is expanding to Nagase Group. At present, the certification applies to following companies:

The ratio of the companies that have received ISO certification to the whole group is 5.6% (as of the end of March 2020).

April 28, 2000NAGASE & CO., LTD.
June 7, 2005Nagase Colors & Chemicals Co., Ltd.
June 7, 2005Nagase Chemical Co., Ltd.
May 1, 2006Nagase Plastics Co., Ltd.
May 1, 2006Nagase Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd.
May 1, 2006Nishinihon Nagase Co., Ltd.
December 12, 2012Nagase Elex Co., Ltd.

As of April 1, 2011, Nagase has disbanded its Environment Protection Committee and transferred activities formerly under its auspices to the Risk Management & Compliance Committee.
We intend to further strive to actively protect and improve our environment and make contributions to our society.

ISO14001 Management System Certificate (250KB)