Environment Policy

In the spirit of our Management Philosophy we established the following policy for the protection and conservation of the natural environment.

1.Comply with all environmental laws, regulations and other rules

We will observe all environmental laws, municipal bylaws, environmental regulations and other rules as we conduct our business activities.

2.Develop businesses that give full consideration to environmental issues

We will conduct our business activities in full awareness of the need to preserve the ecosystem and protect the environment, and we will make every possible effort to give full consideration to the environment within the limits of technological and economic feasibility.

3.Fulfill our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen

As a good corporate citizen, we will work together with public institutions, industries, and local communities to promote environmental conservation measures that are suitable for the NAGASE Group.

4.Environmental management systems and continuous improvement

The NAGASE Group has set environmental targets to achieve our environmental policies. Further, we have established and operate an environmental management system, striving for continuous improvement.

5.Disclose and make the relevant parties fully aware of our Environmental Policy

We will disclose our Environmental Policy to the public and make all who work for the NAGASE Group fully aware of its contents.