In order to create new business, the Group leverages its combined strength in R&D activities for the development of new technologies and products based on its marketing activities, and for the dissemination of technical information.

Nagase R&D Center

The Nagase R&D Center promotes development of fundamental technology and topic planning in the Group's bio-related businesses. Bio-economic societies are on the rise globally. In order to realize these, we are striving toward process innovation, or the “Unavailable Made Available,” so that we may leverage our unique core technology (N-STePP®*) as well as fundamental technologies to efficiently produce rare animal-derived useful substances and plants traditionally difficult to synthesize. For example, there are a number of functional substances offering the characteristics of streptomycetes, such as UV-absorbing substances derived from algae (mycosporin-like amino acids), proteins (ferritin) present in the blood of humans and animals, rare antioxidant amino acids (ergothioneine) contained in mushrooms and barley, and bio-dyes. We are pressing forward with development so that these useful substances may be be widely used as foodstuffs, cosmetics, and industrial products. We have applied for and registered many patents related to fundamental and peripheral technologies. In this way, the center’s mission is to develop the fundamental biotechnologies that will lead the Group's future businesses, and to utilize these technologies in the development of new products.

* Nagase Streptomyces Technology for Protein/Precious Products, a NAGASE registered trademark in Japan.

Nagase Application Workshop

The Nagase Application Workshop (NAW) houses specialized technical staff and equipment for the evaluation and analysis of raw materials within the fields of plastics and coating materials, the development of applications, and the development of formulas composed of these raw materials to be used in end products. NAW combines the materials and processing techniques possessed by our partners and Group manufacturing companies and proposes solutions in response to market needs captured via our marketing function, which leverages the Group's network. In this, NAW supports the Group's unique trading differentiation strategy. In addition, we are cultivating new element technologies and functional materials into unique technologies that can provide customers with the right formulas, and we are promoting new business development jointly with our business divisions and Group companies.