The NAGASE Group Management Philosophy reminds us that we are a member of society and that, through our growth, we will contribute to society and enrich the lives of our employees. We engage in a variety of social contribution activities under this banner.

Supporting and Training Technologists

Nagase Science and Technology Foundation

To help advance science and technology in Japan, we established the Nagase Science and Technology Foundation in 1989 and made it a public interest foundation in 2011. The foundation strives to advance science and technology by supporting research and development in the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry with the aim of contributing to socioeconomic progress.

Nagase Science and Technology Foundation

Supporting the 2021 International Chemistry Olympiad in Japan

We are supporting the 53rd International Chemistry Olympiad to be held in Japan in 2021 with the aim of developing future global leaders of the chemistry and materials industries. Around 300 high school students from about 70 countries and areas will take part. We are helping sponsor the games with the main purpose of creating a brighter future through chemistry.

2021 International Chemistry Olympiad in Japan

Nurturing Local Culture

Hayashibara Museum of Art

support for the Hayashibara Museum of Art. The museum houses a collection of Japanese and other East Asian paintings, crafts, and other items. The museum also exhibits furnishings inherited from the estate of the feudal Ikeda clan of the Okayama Domain. The goal of the museum is to contribute to research of cultural assets and improve the culture of the region and of Japan. It does this by preserving works of art, conducting research on them, and allowing the general public to enjoy them through unique exhibitions and other events.

Hayashibara Museum of Art

Participation in the Living Architecture Museum Festival

NAGASE & CO., LTD.’s Osaka head office is a registered cityscape resource of Osaka City. Every year, NAGASE participates in the Living Architecture Museum Festival in Osaka, helping the City’s promotion attract people.

Living Architecture Museum Festival

Contribution to Society


NAGASE participates in the TABLE FOR TWO charity program, which simultaneously strives to solve the problems of hunger in developing nations and of obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed nations.



NAGASE & CO., LTD. supports the SCRUM JAPAN PROGRAM, a program operated by the Japan Rugby Football Union to foster human resources through the sport of rugby.


Supporting Para-Athletes

We support the activities of the non-profit Japan Blind Marathon Association. In addition, NAGASE employs athlete Shinya Wada, a bronze medalist at the 2012 London Paralympics in track and field (5000m).