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Endotoxins are known as exogenous pyrogens, composed of cell wall lipopolysaccharides of gram-negative bacteria.
It is not easy to build the refining process for removing these endotoxins and stably producing low-endotoxin biomaterials. In addition, the material industry has a common challenge in increased refining costs depending on the method used.
Nagase ChemteX Corporation, The NAGASE Group’s core manufacturing subsidiary, has been developing Low-Endotoxin products by applying both precision organic synthesis technology and endotoxin removal technique, which was developed jointly with Kumamoto University.*1
We have released new Low-Endotoxin grade pullulan and gelatin products and will continue to make our earnest efforts to develop materials with potential for wide applications such as medical materials.

*1 Joint research with Dr. Sakata, Associate Professor at Kumamoto University

Arcofeliz AL Series

Sodium alginate is sold on the market as an ingredient for food, cosmetics, drug substance, and additives. As it reacts with calcium ions in aqueous solution and instantly forms a thermo-irreversible gel, it is widely studied for medical devices and regenerative medicine applications.
Arcofeliz AL is a low-endotoxin sodium alginate made by purifying sodium alginate using a newly developed removal material.*1
It can be considered for use as a raw material for pharmaceutical and medical materials (non-GMP manufactured).

Low-Endotoxin Pullulan: Arcofeliz PU-10

Low-Endotoxin Pullulan: Arcofeliz PU-10

Pullulan is a polysaccharide sold as a food additive and listed in the JP (Japanese Pharmacopoeia).*2 It is characterized by unique properties of high adhesion, sticking force, coating ability, and lubricating performance.
Arcofeliz PU-10 is a Low-Endotoxin pullulan made by purifying pullulan using a newly developed removal material. It can be considered to use as a raw material for medical materials and pharmaceutical (non-GMP manufactured).

*2 Manufactured by Hayashibara Co.,Ltd.

Low-Endotoxin Gelatin: Arcofeliz GE-PA10

Low-Endotoxin Gelatin: Arcofeliz GE-PA10

Gelatin is sold on the market as an ingredient for food and cosmetic. It is also widely used for an ingredient for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and cell culture substratum because of sol-gel transition and cell adhesion among the useful properties.
Arcofeliz GE-PA10 is a Low-Endotoxin gelatin made by purifying gelatin using a newly developed removal material. It can be considered to use as a raw material for medical materials (non-GMP manufactured)

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