History of Nagase

Here we chart Nagase’s history from startup through to its current reforms, a story spanning more than 175 years. Discover how successive generations of company presidents and leaders, from founder Denbei Nagase on down, stewarded the company’s management, and how Nagase turned its sights abroad ahead of other Japanese companies and built a network that now spans Europe, America, and Asia. This is the story of how Nagase laid the foundations of the specialized trading company it has now become.
  • Startup Period
  • Turbulent Period
  • Stable Period
  • Advancement Period
  • Transition Period
  • Transformation Period
Startup Period: 1832 - 1916 Laying the Foundations for a Specialized Trading Company - From dyes to chemicals Turbulent Period: 1917 - 1949 Transformation of Nagase Shoten - Hardships and determination amid great wars Stable Period: 1950 - 1967 Laying the Groundwork for the Future - Expansion of business and organizational strengthening Advancement Period: 1968 - 1981 Learning from the Past - Building global ties Transition Period: 1982 - 1999 Staying Ahead of the Tide - Enhancing technology and intelligence capabilities Transformation Period: 2000 Creating Business Value - A vision for success in the 21st century

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