Message From The Management

Message From The Management

business designerPresident Kenji Asakura


The NAGASE Group has built businesses positioned along the market value chain in the functional materials, advanced materials and processing, electronics, automotive and energy, and life and healthcare segments. In each of these segments, we offer functions for manufacturing and processing, as well as research and development. Today, our Group consists of more than 100 companies in Japan and around the world. We engage in research and development, manufacturing, and processing across a wide range of locations and business sectors that include pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural extracts, functional polymers, raw materials for electronics, plastics and more.

During the fiscal year ending March 2017, we launched our five-year business plan, ACE-2020. To achieve the type of dramatic growth not possible by merely extending from our current circumstances, we will step away from the idea of NAGASE as a trading firm first and foremost. We now consider the trading firm function as another of our Group functions, as we maximize the leverage of our manufacturing, research, overseas network, logistics, and investment functions, uniting as a Group to create and deliver new value to the world.

As a highly intelligent and discerning technology company, we work with our partners to create new businesses, maximizing our strengths to actively offer new ideas one step ahead of the market as we Identify, Develop and Expand into new businesses. As we do so, we contribute to realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind, striving to be a company that satisfies our stakeholders.

I ask you for your continued support as we pursue this mission.

Kenji Asakura
Representative Director and President



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