Representative Director and President Kenji Asakura

Since our founding in 1832, the NAGASE Group has traded in chemicals and other goods, building long-term relationships of trust with our business partners. Over the years, we have adapted our business structure to stay ahead of the changing times, adding functions for manufacturing, processing, and research and development. Today, the NAGASE Group consists of nearly 100 companies in Japan and throughout the world, offering solutions to our global customer base.

The world economy and society itself is in a period of incredible transition. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other technological innovations are altering how we behave as human beings, while at the same time accelerating the pace of disruptive change and competition in every industrial field.

We have championed the key idea of being a Business Designer in the face of this time of extraordinary change. Since our first day, our focus has been in trading and chemicals. We have reached out beyond these fields, considering our fundamental role as a trading company to include that of a designer of a Business Designer. By integrating trading, research, investment, logistics, overseas, and manufacturing functions, we show the world our commitment to creating businesses and our indispensable corporate presence therein.

The NAGASE Group maintains the highest standards of integrity. This is the first underlying principle in our universal and unchanging management philosophy. Our promise to everyone associated with the NAGASE Group is to realize the NAGASE Vision of Identify, Develop, and Expand through the daily activities of every individual in our group, helping contribute to a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind.

Now in the second year of our five-year medium-term management plan ACE-2020, we continue to execute our strategy as a united group of professionals working to increase corporate value.

Thank you for your continued support as we pursue our goals.

Kenji Asakura
Representative Director and President
June 2017