Basic Principle

A sense of values shared within the NAGASE Group

NAGASE Management
We recognize our responsibility to society and offer beneficial products and services while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.
Through our growth, we will contribute to society and enrich the lives of our employees.
To realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind, each of us embodies our value proposition, Identify, Develop and Expand through daily activities.
"The NAGASE Way"
Action Principles
  • Always be customer-oriented.
  • Always be a creative challenger.
  • Always use the power of the NAGASE Group.
  • Always think globally and act locally.
  • Always think systematically and act speedily.

The NAGASE Vision

Strength / Characteristics
Maintaining the highest standards of integrity for almost 200 years
Working with partners to enable new businesses
Driving new technologies with knowledge and experience
Staying a step ahead of the market to actively offer solutions
Value Proposition

We “Identify, Develop and Expand” new business

  • Identify : We discover untapped business opportunities
  • Develop : We convert opportunities into customer value
  • Expand : We deliver solutions to multiple fields and regions
Vision for the Future

We will contribute to a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind

Policy for Sustainability Activities

1. Integrity in Business Activities

  • We shall conduct our corporate activities in compliance with all applicable national and regional laws and regulations, and in keeping with societal norms and common sense.
  • We shall strive to prevent corruption of all kind and maintain healthy and proper relations with our partners and government entities.
  • We shall strive to to provide safe, high-quality products and services, and seek to maintain and improve the value to our customers and partners.
  • We shall safeguard the benefit to the consumer through maintaining and promoting fair and free competition.
  • We shall strive toward rigorous management and protection of information about our customers and our company.

2. Positive Relations with Society

  • We respect human rights and do not permit any sort of discriminatory conduct, and do not accept infringements of human rights such as forced labor or child labor.
  • We respect the cultures and practices of national and regional societies, and maintain positive relations with society.
  • We shall strive to ensure health, safety, and appropriate communication with our diverse stakeholders.
  • We shall constantly pay detailed attention to sustainability among our suppliers, and shall work to make corrections should there be any doubt to their sustainability.
  • We shall proactively disclose corporate information as appropriate.

3. Consideration for the Environment

  • We shall comply with national and regional environmental regulations.
  • We shall contribute to the maintenance of the global environment, including limiting climate change and preventing contamination, promoting reduction in the environmental footprint of our business activities through suppression of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.
  • We shall, through environmentally-conscious products and services, provide information to our customers about appropriate product usage, recycling, and disposal methods.
  • We shall contribute broadly to society through environmental conservation activities in various countries and regions.
  • We recognize the importance of biodiversity and shall strive to conserve ecosystems.

Relationships with Stakeholders

NAGASE Group activities exist thanks to the Group's relationships with its diverse stakeholders, and it is extremely important to listen to the opinions and expectations of these stakeholders.

The NAGASE Group proactively incorporates the opinions and demands of its stakeholders in its corporate activities and conducts a variety of initiatives in order to connect these to sustainable societal development and increased corporate value.