This section introduces the NAGASE Group's Product Safety, Quality Control, and Basic Policies for Responsible Advertising and Marketing.

Product Safety and Quality Control

The NAGASE Group considers product safety and quality control a major social responsibility in order to provide customers with safe products and build a safe and secure society. According to the NAGASE Group Product Safety Principles, we strive to ensure the safety of products through Group-wide rules and education. In addition, the Risk Management Division provides management of vendors and manufacturing contractors, support to Group manufacturing companies, and internal education.

Product Safety

Product Safety Principles

September 1, 2017

In accordance with the NAGASE Group Compliance Code of Conduct, the NAGASE Group positions product safety as one of the important issues of social responsibility in order to supply safe products to customers and build a safe and secure society, and strives to ensure the safety of products manufactured, imported and sold by us as a manufacturer.

1.Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Internal Rules

The NAGASE Group naturally complies with the various laws and regulations pertaining to product safety, including the Consumer Product Safety Act. Beyond that, we consider product safety a key social responsibility, and, as a responsible manufacturer, strive sincerely to ensure the safety of products we produce and sell, including imported goods.

2.Formulating and Practicing Internal Rules

The NAGASE Group has formulated and manages a series of internal rules related to product safety, working proactively to ensure the safety of our products through ongoing improvement of these rules.

3.Product Safety Promotion Systems

The NAGASE Group has established systems necessary for rigorous compliance with not only product safety-related laws and regulations but also internal rules. The Group also strives to act in consideration of safety at all stages of the product chain, including research, development, planning, design, production, import, sale, and aftersale services. Further, we conduct regular internal audits and, when necessary, education and training, as well as revision of internal rules and systems.

4.Preventing Accidents from Misuse

In order to ensure safe use of its products, the NAGASE Group provides information appropriately to users, including product handling warnings and safety information helping to prevent incidents arising from misuse or negligence.

5.Product Incidents

When one of its products is involved in a product incident, the NAGASE Group takes all necessary actions to prevent harm. This may include recall of the product or other actions to prevent further harm. In these cases, the Group also proactively collects information about the product incident and shares it with product users and related parties promptly. Further, the Group also promptly provides oversight authorities with reports in accordance with laws and regulations.

6.Preventing Product Incident Recurrence

In the event of a product incident, the Group strives to determine the root cause of the incident, appropriately compiling and using the resulting records to prevent recurrence.

Response to quality control

In accordance with the Voluntary Action Guidelines on Product Safety, the NAGASE Group positions ensuring product safety and thorough quality control as one of the important issues of social responsibility in order to supply safe products to customers and realize a safe and secure society.

In order to achieve this, we have acquired international standards such as ISO 9001, and through the operation of a company-wide quality management system, we are making continuous improvements (PDCA) to improve the quality of the products we provide and continue to strive to raise the quality of all our work.

Quality Management System

In the NAGASE Group, ISO 9001 is at the center of the quality management system, and manufacturing companies have obtained FSSC 22000 and other certifications in accordance with their business characteristics.

Company Office / Plant ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO45001 FSSC22000 Food Additives GMP Pharmaceutical GMP Other
Nagase ChemteX Corporation Harima Plant JISQ9100
Fukuchiyama Plant HALAL
Sakai Plant HALAL
Hayashibara Co., Ltd. HALAL

Please check the quality management systems of Nagase ChemteX Corporation and Hayashibara Co., Ltd.

Basic Policy for Responsible Publicity and Marketing

The NAGASE Group handles food materials and additives for the food industry, and pharmaceutical raw materials and medical equipment for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and aims to contribute to the healthy fulfilling life of people by making suggestions about materials as well as manufacturing and processing, and applications.

Moreover, the NAGASE Group carries out business activities based on social norms and public decency, in addition to legal compliance, and protects the interests of consumers as its policy.

Therefore, as our basic policy, we will never conduct exaggerated advertisements that results from information disparity with consumers, or inappropriate publicity or marketing, and we will ensure indications that cause no misunderstanding about the characteristics and efficacy of products and services. We also endeavor to observe laws and standards, and collect information from third parties such as trade organizations, which we actually practice.

We have also put forward a policy to give top priority to the health of consumers, and we specify the appropriate dosage and administration of products and services, and warn consumers against the negative effect by overdoses and excessive application.

As consumers are important stakeholders, and any disadvantages for consumers lead to those for the NAGASE Group and all stakeholders, the Group recognizes the importance of responsible publicity and marketing.

The NAGASE Group belongs to the following organizations to collect the latest information on the industries.

Participation in supply chain initiatives

The NAGASE Group is a member of the Japan Foreign Trade Council. We support the Supply Chain CSR Action Guidelines established by the Japan Foreign Trade Council and promote CSR activities together with all business partners.

Other participating supply chain initiatives

KINKA CHEMICAL SOCIETY / Japan Chemical Exporters and Importers Association / Japan Chemical Industry Association / Center for Information on Security Trade Control / THE JAPAN PLASTICS INDUSTRY FEDERATION / Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan / Association of PET TRAY / Japan Fashion Color Association / Japan BioPlastics Association / Japan Auto Parts Industries Association etc.

Responsible advertising and marketing in the food industry

We recognize that responsible advertising and marketing in the food industry is important from the perspective of food safety and security. The NAGASE Group conducts responsible marketing in accordance with the Basic Compliance Policy and the Compliance Code of Conduct in advertising activities for the food business, such as website operation, exhibition participation, and direct mail distribution. In addition to observing the relevant laws and regulations in each country, we pay careful attention to safety, human rights, environmental issues, and social ethics as well as to appropriate labeling and expression. In addition, employees participate in briefing sessions and study sessions on compliance to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Participation in food industry initiatives

The NAGASE Group is a member of the Japan Food Additives Association. We support the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Food Additives, which is the voluntary standard established by the association, and contribute to the safe and secure supply of food.

Other participating food industry initiatives

Public interest incorporated foundation The Brewing Society of Japan / Japan Care Food Conference etc.

Hayashibara Co., Ltd.
Initiatives for nursing care food

NAGASE Group is working to solve various issues as the population ages in Japan. With the aging of the population, swallowing disorders have become one of the most common problems in recent years. Hayashibara Corporation recognizes that swallowing disorders, which have become a common occurrence in nursing care settings, is a major social issue in the food industry in Japan. Trehalose's ability to retain water and stabilize ingredients provides the elderly with food that tastes good and is easy to eat, while its resistance to freezing improves the shelf life of dysphagia foods for meal providers and reduces the burden of preparing meals. As a member company of the Japan Care Food Conference, Hayashibara Co., Ltd. is promoting the enhancement and popularization of Universal Design Food as a food for nursing care.

Policy and basic approach to access to nutrition

The NAGASE Group considers access to better nutrition as a social issue, and in order to contribute to people's healthy and prosperous lives, we globally provide solutions that utilize the Group's comprehensive capabilities, such as manufacturing and processing, application proposals, and regulatory functions, as well as material proposals.

In developing countries, hunger and undernutrition caused by poverty are social issues. The NAGASE Group is contributing to the provision of nutrient-rich foods to children in developing countries by participating in the TABLE FOR TWO (TFT).

Hayashibara Co., Ltd. announced its commitment at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021, an international conference hosted by the Japanese government.
(Progress in FY2021: setting targets)


Well-being for everyone with the power of heightened biotechnology!

By 2030, Hayashibara Co., Ltd. will work with stakeholders to promote the spread of safe and sustainable foods that support human and global health by utilizing the functions of food materials.

・We will contribute to the transformation of the food system into a sustainable one so that everyone can eat a healthier and adequate diet.
・We will develop 100 products by 2025 and 200 products by 2030 with our partner companies.
・To support people engaged in agriculture, we contribute to reducing the environmental impact by improving soil and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.
・We contribute to improving the productivity and product quality of food manufacturers in order to reduce food loss and waste from the food industry.
・Utilizing our food processing technology and expertise, we provide support for 100 projects annually.

Please click here for Hayashibara's commitment to the Tokyo Nutrition Summit 2021.

Handling Complaints

Though receiving a complaint from a user or business partner about a NAGASE Group product or service presents a major problem, it also offers highly-valuable information for the improvement of the Group's quality.
We strive to respond to complaint information from NAGASE Group customers and business partners in a prompt and appropriate fashion, with individual Group companies acting as needed at their respective locations.
If you have any complaints, please contact us here.

Initiatives in the pharmaceutical business and sales ratio

The NAGASE Group is engaged in the pharmaceutical business (including the provision of pharmaceutical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, raw materials, and APIs for generic products) and the pharma medical business, including the development of software in the field of medical imaging. The pharmaceutical business accounted for 9.2% of consolidated sales in the fiscal year ended March 2021.

In August 2020, NAGASE & CO., LTD. has decided to transfer all held shares of Nagase Medicals Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of NAGASE that is engaged in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, to Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shionogi & Co., Ltd.. As a result, the consolidated sales ratio of the pharmaceutical business for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022 is expected to be below 9.2%.

Activities of the Group Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Committee

In each NAGASE Group manufacturing company, the Group Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Committee was established in 2019 and is operating with the aim of strengthening its foundation as a manufacturer. By sharing and utilizing non-financial information, such as safety, quality, and the environment, and working together to resolve various issues, we aim to enhance the corporate value of the entire Group and achieve sustainable growth.

Target Company
NAGASE Group's domestic manufacturing affiliates (100%): 11 companies (as of September 1, 2021)
Nagase ChemteX Corporation / Hayashibara Co., Ltd. / Totaku Industries, Inc. / Fukui Yamada Chemical Co., Ltd. / Setsunan Kasei Co., Ltd. / Kotobuki Kasei Corp. / Nagase Filter Co., Ltd. / Nagase Techno-Engineering Co.,Ltd. / CAPTEX Co., Ltd. / DAITAI KAKO CO.,LTD / Nagase Beauty Care Co., Ltd.

Initiatives by Group companies

Nagase ChemteX Corporation

We have established a quality management system based on ISO 9001 in order to achieve our management philosophy "contribute to the realization of a better society while helping to improve customer satisfaction through the provision of high-performance chemical products and technologies." By effectively implementing this management system, we strive to improve customer satisfaction by developing, manufacturing, quality controlling, and providing products that meet customer expectations.。

ナガセケムテックス(株) 福知山事業所

Hayashibara Co., Ltd.

Based on the requirements of laws and regulations and international certification standards related to quality management, we have established our Quality Policy, Food Safety Policy, and Action Guidelines, and have placed ISO 9001 at the center of our company-wide quality management system, to improve not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our business operations through the creation of systems to enhance customer satisfaction.

(株)林原 機能糖質工場