In 2018, we welcomed blind runner Shinya Wada as our first employee athlete. The way he strives to meet his goals and continues to put in effort instead of being satisfied with his current position reminds us of how the power of sports and the power of athletes have a major impact on both us in the NAGASE Group and society as a whole.
By supporting sports and athletes, we would like to contribute to promoting sports and stimulating the communities that support us, and in the end contribute to society as a whole. Based on our management philosophy of “Contributing to create a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind” while creating chemical reactions together with our supported athletes, we will grow together towards NAGASE’s 200-year anniversary in 2032 and beyond.

About NAGASE Cup

Since 2022, the NAGASE Group has been a special sponsor of the WPA-approved Para Athletics Tournament (sponsored by Japan Para Athletics). This sponsorship is intended to provide an opportunity for the NAGASE Group to make a small contribution to issues such as providing athletic opportunities regardless of disability and fostering young para-athletes, as well as to provide an opportunity to deepen engagement with employees in Japan and overseas. The tournament will be held as an inclusive tournament through our long-term support and sponsorship.

Official website:
Tournament overview: Japan Para Athletics Association (JPA) website

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Supported Athletes

Supported Organizations




A professional soccer club playing out of Okayama Prefecture, particularly Okayama City, Kurashiki, and Tsuyama. NAGASE and Nagase Viita support their activities through sponsorship contracts.

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Victorina Himeji


A women's volleyball club team based in Himeji City, Hyogo. Nagase ChemteX supports their activities through sponsorship contracts.

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Donation Support

Blind Marathon

Japan Blind Marathon Association

This association works towards the nationwide adoption and development of blind marathons and walks to encourage increased stamina and societal participation for people with visual impairments. They also aim to increase the number of people who understand and cooperate with blind marathons throughout Japan, in order to contribute to the creation of a more normalized society. NAGASE supports this association’s activities.

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The Scrum Japan Program by the Japan Rugby Football Union aims to develop human resources through rugby. NAGASE supports this association’s activities.

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