Performance Chemicals Department

The Performance Chemicals Department provides highly functional materials to a wide range of business fields, including the coatings and inks, urethane, printing and film, and liquid crystal industries. With the keywords of "environment" and "biotechnology," the division also focuses on the development of sustainable commercial materials, for which demand is rapidly increasing, and responds to customer needs by making full use of group functions such as manufacturing, research, and processing.

Customer Industry

Paints and inks, urethane, paper manufacturing/thermal paper, cosmetics and toiletries, electronic equipment, sheets and films, printing and print materials, fiber processing, auto body paint

Main Products and Service

Resin raw materials (various monomers), resins, solvents, pigments, dyes, additives for paints and inks, urethane raw materials, flame retardants, mold release agents, conductive materials, functional sheets, films, adhesives, hygiene materials


Paints, Ink Materials, Coatings

NAGASE deals in a variety of paints and ink materials. We have also developed a Carbon Hybrid Coating System which uses carbon dioxide gas to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paints and paint thinner.

Value through Kansei

A recent concept popular in Japanese manufacturing is Kansei value, or the idea creating products that appeal to all five senses of the consumer. Kansei value heightens customer satisfaction and trust.Using a storehouse of information collected over the past 180 years, NAGASE has the ability to offer Kansei value to our customers through premium colors, materials, and functions that are both visually and sensually appealing.

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