Polymer Global Account Department

The Polymer Global Account Department provides plastics, packaging materials, equipment and facilities to the domestic and international office automation (OA), electric and electronics, and consumer electronics industries. The greatest strength of this department is the sheer number of local staff who maintain networks in Asia, as well as their wealth of experience and knowledge. The department continues to create new plastics businesses through cooperative efforts, reflecting NAGASE Group growth strategies.

Customer Industry

Office automation, electronics and consumer electronics, home appliances, housing and construction materials, packaging materials

Main Products and Service

Functional resins, general-purpose resins, auxiliaries, packaging materials, plastic-related equipment, devices and moldings


Resin Compounds

Setsunan Kasei Co., Ltd. has developed resin compound technologies that have given rise to the NAGASE-brand Denapolymer. We have also introduced many products with unique features, including environmentally compatible resins.

Sales of Functional Resins and General-Purpose Resins

We sell resins through Nagase Plastics Co., Ltd. in Japan, and through our local affiliates overseas.

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