Electronics Department

The Electronics Department provides unique products, services, and precision processing materials for the electronics industry. These products, services, and materials include formulated epoxy resins, photolithography materials, optical materials, polymide film, flame-resistant insulation/thermal conductive sheets, functional coatings, chemical management equipment, and semiconductor equipment. This department answers the needs of both Japanese and overseas markets, focusing on high-value-added products produced by Group manufacturing companies, integrating trading company functions and group manufacturing functions.

Customer Industry

Electronic components, semiconductors, heavy electric machinery, displays, silicon wafers, LED lighting, automobile and aircraft, environment and energy

Main Products and Service

Formulated epoxy resins and related products, photolithography materials for liquid crystal displays and semiconductors, siloxane materials, flexible display materials, organic EL materials, silicon wafer processing materials, LCD glass processing, touch panel components, optical film, electronic paper materials, materials for smartphone and tablet cases, flame-resistant insulation/thermal conductive sheets, lens modules, LED chips, abrasives, chemical management equipment for liquid crystal display production processes, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, wafer bumping services


Semiconductor Business

The Electronics Department offers customers around the world materials and equipment meeting the needs for all stages of silicon wafer, photolithography, and packaging processes.

Epoxy Resins

The Electronics Business sells Nagase ChemteX liquid epoxy resins and other products to customers in the heavy electrical, light electrical, car electronics, environment and energy, semiconductor, and other industries through locations in Japan, North America, and China.

Photolithography Materials

The Electronics Business focus on the semiconductor, electronic component, display device, and touch sensor markets, offering the world chemicals and photoresist through Nagase ChemteX, as well as siloxane materials from Inkron.

Highly Heat-Resistant Polimide Film

NAGASE established Xenomax Japan Co., Ltd. jointly with TOYOBO Co., Ltd. Xenomax Japan produces and sells the XENOMAX® highly heat-resistant polymide film for use in flexible displays, sensors, and next-generation displays.

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