Electronics Department

The Electronics Department provides the electronics industry with highly functional materials including precision processing materials, optical materials, optical lenses, highly heat resistant materials, functional paint, electrical conducting/insulating materials, and adhesive/encapsulant materials, as well as equipment services such as chemical management equipment. To answer the needs of the industry in Japan and overseas, the department provides support for everything from product development by partner companies to building supply systems using NAGASE's global reach.

Customer Industry

Electronic components, semiconductors, silicon wafers, displays

Main Products and Service

Fine polishing abrasives, optical materials for displays, touch panel components, functional paint, electrical conducting/insulating materials, adhesive/encapsulant materials, highly heat resistant film, optical lenses, chemical management equipment for display production processes


Highly Heat-Resistant Polimide Film

NAGASE established Xenomax Japan Co., Ltd. jointly with TOYOBO Co., Ltd. Xenomax Japan produces and sells the XENOMAX® highly heat-resistant polymide film for use in flexible displays, sensors, and next-generation displays.

Quantum Dots

The Electronics Department has begun selling products from Nanosys Inc., the leading company in the industry, to optical film, ink and resist manufacturers in Asia, with plans to expand into the agriculture and healthcare industries in the future.

Initiatives for Global End Users (Brand Owners)

Taking advantage of NAGASE's ability to directly contact the engineers of mobile device brand owners in both Japan and overseas, the Electronics Department is moving forward with product development that will meet the needs of our partner companies and of customers.

Initiatives Toward the Chinese Semiconductor/Silicon Wafer Market

The Electronics Department has been introducing and selling a variety of Japanese products to the Chinese semiconductor and silicon wafer industry, which has been seeing rapid growth. The Electronics Department also provides logistics services covering all of China.

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