Future Co-creation Office

The Future Co-creation Office was established in April 2017 to promote NAGASE Group innovation and build core businesses of the future that will create new value. The office assesses trends in the IT industry, including IoT and AI, planning and developing mechanisms for businesses not currently part of the NAGASE Group. These mechanisms will be deployed to the various business divisions for implementation.
In January 2017, we started participating as a founding member in the IBM Research Frontiers Institute (RFI), an IT fundamental research consortium established by IBM to promote R&D initiatives involving companies in different industries.

Overview of Future Co-creation Office

Using technology obtained from the Research Frontiers Institute (RFI) consortium with IBM, we will build new businesses that look ahead five to ten years in the future.


① Fusion of Biology and Electronics

Energy consumption is coming into sharper focus as an issue related to the use of information technology driven by big data and AI. When considering low-power consumption, we must focus on how to apply mechanisms of the human brain to electronics. Through the RFI consortium, the Future Co-creation Office is working on the development of bio-inspired technology that integrates biology and electronics. These activities include contributions to the development of low-power devices that mimic the human brain and products that feature bio mimicry applications.

② Market Development for “Axonerve™”, a Semiconductor Intellectual Property Core (IP Core)

Large-scale, real-time data processing is increasingly important at data centers that support technological innovations such as AI, IoT, and 5G networks. High-speed hardware processing has been a major trend over the past few years. The Future Co-creation Office is collaborating with FPGA vendors and development platform vendors to open a market for a FPGA-based hardware accelerator that uses Axonerve IP Core. Axonerve is a semiconductor intellectual property core (supported by Japanese academic research organizations and our own work) specializing in search/ query function.


The NAGASE Group has built a network in cooperation with a variety of materials manufacturers. Although Japanese materials manufacturers are in a strong position worldwide, they lag behind in development and research using IT (AI). The Future Co-creation Office will lead the industry, creating our own IP. We are advancing new technologies through the construction of AI-based materials informatics systems and the integration of biology and electronics.

Main Products and Service


The Energy Infrastructure of a Smart Society

NAGASE is working with our partner companies to build "Decentralized Energy Infrastructure" and "Power Interchange" business with Lithium-Ion-Batteries (LiB) as a core technology. By also working to develop LiB-Reuse-System for realization a low-carbon society, protecting the environment while being economically profitable, NAGASE contributes to a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind.

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