Life & Healthcare Products Department

The Life & Healthcare Products Department sets its sights on contributing to beauty, and health as a member of the Life & Healthcare segment. This department is developing high-value-added products that help people live better and healthier lives, leveraging the Group’s comprehensive strengths in trading, R&D, and manufacturing and processing in the global pharmaceutical/medical materials, fragrances and cosmetics materials, household products materials

Customer Industry

Pharmaceuticals and medical, diagnostic drugs, fragrances and cosmetics, household products

Main Products and Service

Fragrances/cosmetics and household product materials (whitening agents, moisturizing agents, UV absorbers, surfactants, antimicrobial agents, and chelates), pharmaceuticals (active pharmaceutical ingredients [APIs], clinical trial APIs, intermediates, raw materials, formulations, additives), in-vitro diagnostics, medical materials and equipment


Personal Care Products (Cosmetics, Household Goods)

The Life & Healthcare Products Department deals with a wide range of products, from cosmetics raw materials (including the whitening AA2G, a stabilized vitamin C derivative) to household raw materials.

Pharma-Medical Products

The Life & Healthcare Products Department deals in a wide range of products, including APIs, intermediates, and final preparations. The department also deals in additives, nucleic acid medicine, and medical materials.

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