Basic Approach to Human Resource Development

The NAGASE Group believes that human resource development strengthens the business foundations undergirding the Group’s growth. We hold Group-wide training by job title and sponsor ongoing training for local staff, engaging in global unified human resource development programs that bring the comprehensive functions of the NAGASE Group to bear.

HR development programs form the foundation of our corporate activities. These programs consist of an organized combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training. On-the-job training lets employees experience real-world work in a variety of roles to gain new knowledge and skills. Off-the-job training also involves training and gaining skills through both formal lectures and self-directed learning. The NAGASE Group promotes on-the-job training, while at the same time ensuring employees are able to learn knowledge and skills for their continued growth. These programs include rank-specific training for young staff, training for managers, and position-specific training to ensure employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their work. We have emphasized the following three points among our various development policies. We will continue to revise Group education and training programs according to changes in the external business environment and NAGASE Group strategy.

Strengthening points and system chart, training system and participants

We have emphasized the following three points among our various development policies. We will continue to revise Group education and training programs according to changes in the external business environment and NAGASE Group strategy.

Points for strengthening human resource development

1 Promote globalization • Assign employees to overseas entities
• Send employees to overseas business school
• Provide cross-cultural training
• Offer English language training support
2 Train managers Improving awareness in competitive environment (send employees to business school or MBA basic training, etc
3 Instill shared values • Provide shared value workshops in rank-specific training
• Offer shared value workshops for managers
• Conduct surveys regarding shared value
• Revise programs as needed in line with changes in the external environment going forward

Staff Development Program

Staff Development Program

Human Resource Development and Training System

System Overview
Practical training for overseas business Training at overseas Group companies and other entities
Selective training Cost support system for certification programs to help employees and the Company grow
Self-Innovation Challenge Providing opportunities for employees to gather and engage in friendly competition to obtain various qualifications, etc., and supporting study and examination fees
Certification Bonus Provides bonus payment for acquisition of Company-recognized public certifications

NAGASE Technical Vitality Program (NTV)

The NAGASE Group has launched the NAGASE Vitality Program (NTV) to strengthen internal collaboration in R&D activities and work on new business creation.
The program was launched in 2019, and in the four years since then, a total of more than 90 people have participated in activities focusing on advanced technologies such as AI, DX, IoT, healthcare, and biomimetics. Since October 2023, we have also improved the NTV system based on our experience to date and are strengthening our efforts.
We will continue our efforts to create and commercialize new businesses through NTV.

Recruitment and retention (prevention of turnover)


Recruitment of new graduates

We provide a new graduate recruitment website, information sessions and internships for students who wish to enter Nagase & Co., Ltd.

In our recruiting activities, we convey to students our corporate message of going beyond the boundaries of a chemical or trading company to realize a safe, secure, and warm-hearted society by finding, nurturing, and expanding unprecedented approaches through free thinking and the multiplication of myriad possibilities, including a wide range of knowledge and experience, global networks, manufacturing, and biotechnologies.

Mid-career recruitment

We employ a wide range of mid-career employees who have built careers in various industries. The mid-career employment ratio based on the Act on Comprehensively Advancing Labor Measures is disclosed below.

Retention (prevention of turnover)

The NAGASE Group has positioned retention (prevention of turnover) as an important management issue and is implementing various initiatives.

Systematic human resource development and clear career paths

We design mandatory, selective, and open training for each position and develop human resources so that they can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for their roles. The system is reviewed periodically in response to changes in the external environment. We also provide guidance on employee career paths, such as position changes.

Using the NAGASE Global HR Development Center

We opened the NAGASE Global HR Development Center in May 2014 (Sendagaya, Tokyo). The Center serves as a base for various human resource training as well as various meetings. Solar panels have been installed at the NAGASE Global HR Development Center, and in 2021 (January to December), 4,201 kWh was generated.


Data on human resource development