Results for Fiscal 2019

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About this Report (274KB)
Introduction (685KB) Management Philosophy and the NAGASE Vision
Evolving Our Business Model —The Group’s Changes and Challenges—
Overview of the NAGASE Group
At a Glance
Foundation for Value Creation (815KB) 13-Year Financial Highlights
Our Value Creation Process and Long-Term Management Policy
Business Designer: 8 Case Studies
Strategy (479KB) Message from the President
Message from the Executive Officer in Charge of Corporate Administration and Affiliates
Mid-Term Management Plan ACE-2020
Sustainability (548KB) Our Board
Corporate Governance
Interview with the Outside Directors —Dialogue for Value Creation—
Risk Management
Business Portfolio (2.5MB) Functional Materials
Advanced Materials & Processing
Mobility & Energy
Life & Healthcare
Global Network
Nagase ChemteX Corporation
Hayashibara Co., Ltd.
Nagase Business Expert Co., Ltd.
NVC (New Value Creation) Office
Nagase R&D Center
Nagase Application Workshop
Financial and Corporate Information (574KB) Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Operations and Finances
Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Others
Corporate Information
Investor Information
2018 Integrated Report / Annual Report 2018 (5.4MB)
2017 Integrated Report / Annual Report 2017 (7.3MB)
2016 Annual Report 2016 (P20 ~ P27, P52 ~ P61)(4.9MB)
2015 Annual Report 2015 (P48 ~ P63)(4.6MB)
2014 Annual Report 2014 (P48 ~ P65)(9.4MB)
2013 Annual Report 2013 (P38 ~ P53)(3.2MB)
2012 NAGASE Group CSR Report 2012
2011 NAGASE Group CSR Report 2011
2010 NAGASE Group CSR Report 2010
2009 NAGASE Group Environmental Report 2009 2.35MB

From fiscal year 2013, NAGASE Group has begun incorporating CSR initiatives it had reported in its CSR reports into the Integrated Report / Annual Report in order to actively disclose information to a wide spectrum of stakeholders.