Mobility Solutions Department

The Mobility Solutions Department offers eco-conscious next-generation global solutions for a more secure, safer, more comfortable mobility society, integrating the movement of people, goods, and data.

Value Offering

Environment (Protecting the Earth)

We contribute to energy conservation and a better global environment by encouraging the electrification of mobility and the use of low-impact materials.

Safety (Protecting Consumer Lives)

We provide improved safety features for mobility society, offering solutions for comfortable living.

Comfort (Encouraging More Fulfilled Lifestyles)

We offer new value in time and space for mobility consumers, contributing to fulfilled lifestyles.

Customer Industry

Automotive, railway, aircraft, aerospace, compact mobility; social infrastructure

Main Products and Service

・Automotive Interior/Exterior, Functional Components
Commodity plastics and engineering plastics, materials (interior, light-weight), components, and coating materials

・Car Electronics-Related
High-function materials (heat management, batteries, displays), xEV-related components, self-driving-related (sensors, software, communications)

・Introduction of processing technologies and methodologies for the products mentioned above


Car Electronics

The Mobility Solutions Department is engaged in a modular component business based on market needs for electricity management, heat management, and electromagnetic shielding, and higher functionality associated with ongoing advancements in electronification, electrification, and intelligence in cars.

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