April 14, 2015 Alert: Illegal Account at LinkedIn Impersonating Hiroshi Nagase
We confirmed that someone registered a LinkedIn*1 account claiming to be our chairman, Hiroshi Nagase. We have already requested to LinkedIn that they delete the account in question.

Nagase & Co. does not conduct business or engage in hiring activities through social networks. Any reliance on this illegal account at LinkedIn may result in your obtaining false information or being a part of fraudulent business or employment transactions. Please also be aware that any information you provide to the perpetrator of this illegal account may be at risk.

*1LinkedIn is a social network that allows an individual to post their work and/or education history, etc. for the purpose of conducting business, seeking employment, contacting professional experts, etc.
January 29, 2010 Be aware of fake web sites.
We have recently become aware that there are fake employment web sites in China using our company name “NAGASE & CO.,LTD.” and our subsidiary “Nagase ChemteX Corporation”. By applying from these employment web sites, they would demand a seminar fee; however, Nagase Group would never request a seminar fee during the selection process.
Please be aware that we have nothing to do with such web sites.
Thank you.