(Japanese translation)
NAGASE &CO., LTD. (NAGASE; head office: Tokyo, President & CEO: Kenji Asakura) announced the launch of NAGASE branding project aimed at our sustainability growth and improving corporate value.
NAGASE has created The NAGASE Vision. This vision has been design to develop a shared awareness of our standing management philosophy in engaging in maintaining the highest standards of integrity. The NAGASE Vision is a promise to all stakeholders.

To realize a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind, each of us embodies our value proposition, Identify, Develop and Expand through daily activities.

NAGASE also has created the slogan, described NAGASE Vision in a single word.

NAGASE slogan
Bringing it all together

All NAGASE Groups’ employees understand the meaning of the statement and continually communicate that meaning to people inside and outside the company using the same words. NAGASE will create a uniform brand image.