Integrated Report 2020

Our Value Identify >> Develop >> Expand

We identify new businesses that nobody has
recognized before, develop them to become businesses
creating new value, expand them throughout the
world and deliver value to people.

Identify Develop Expand

NAGASE’s Value Proposition

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CEO Message

We will continue providing society with value
throughout the ages and achieve sustainable
growth for the NAGASE Group

Representative Director and President
Kenji Asakura

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CFO Message

Creating New Business and New Value by Raising Corporate Value

Director and Executive Officer
Masaya Ikemoto

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Integrated Report 2020

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  • Introduction(64KB)

  • NAGASE’s Value Proposition(1.4MB)

    Our Value | Identify | Develop | Expand | Driving Our Value

  • Message from Management(526KB)

    CEO Message | CFO Message

  • Story for Value Proposition(839KB)

    Story of the NAGASE Group’s Value Proposition | 1. Our Philosophy | 2. Our Business Model | 3. Our Roadmap for Growth | 4. Our Sustainability Management | 5. Our Destination

  • Management & Sustainability(505KB)

    Our Board | Interview with the Outside Directors | Corporate Governance | Compliance | Risk Management & Responsible Supply Chains | Creating Environmental Value | Innovation | Creating Social Value | Social Contribution Activities

  • Business Portfolio(1.1MB)

    Businesses | Functional Materials | Advanced Materials & Processing | Electronics | Mobility & Energy | Life & Healthcare | Regional Strategy

  • Data Section(1MB)

    11-Year Financial Highlights | Financial Information | Consolidated Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Offices | History of the NAGASE Group | Investor Information | Corporate Information