Food Ingredients

New Developments in the Food Ingredients Business

Prinova, a company engaged in the sale and processing of U.S. food ingredients and which possesses a global network, was joined to the NAGASE Group in 2019, propelling NAGASE’s overseas expansion of the food ingredients business in a major way. A new Food Ingredients Department was launched in April 2020. We will pursue synergy between Group companies such as Nagase ChemteX Corporation, which has processed enzymes for food ingredients, and Hayashibara Co., Ltd., which became a subsidiary in 2012, and accelerate business development.

Ⅰ. Market & Strategy


Focus Field in Food Ingredient Markets

The NAGASE Group is focused on the global food ingredient market. Around the world, there are growing needs for reliability of foods as well as a safe, healthy and abundant life. The NAGASE Group will work to address these needs. The Prinova Group, which became a member of the NAGASE Group in August 2019, holds the key to business development. Just like the NAGASE Group, Prinova is a hybrid company that wields both trading and manufacturing functions. NAGASE will continue to handle diverse food ingredients through Prinova’s global network, but first it will aim to expand the sports and lifestyle nutrition businesses in which Prinova has a substantial market share. NAGASE will also expand business in the processed food segments of baked goods, dairy products and processed meat through initiatives such as development of applications.

Target Food Ingredient Markets of the NAGASE Group


Business of Strategy for the Food Ingredients

The NAGASE Group’s food ingredients business aims to contribute to people’s healthy and abundant lifestyles through food. To that end, the NAGASE Group will offer a wide variety of solutions using its procurement, R&D, manufacturing, processing and application development functions.

Overview of Strategy

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