NAGASE & CO., LTD. changes business segmentation as follows (as of April 1, 2021).

【Changes of the name of the Segments】
-Electronics Segment will be replaced by Electronics & Energy Segment
-Mobility & Energy Segment will be replaced by Mobility Segment

【Replacement of the Office】
Information & Communication ・ Energy Office (Electronics & Energy Segment) will replace Energy Business Office (Mobility & Energy Segment). The energy-related business is transferred to the Electronics & Energy Segment.

Main Areas of Each Department

Electronics Department: Precision processing materials, optical materials, and functional materials (high heat resistant, conductive, insulating, sealing) for the electronics industry

Functional Resin Department: Formulated epoxy resins and related products

Precision Processing Materials Department: Precision processing materials and related products

Information & Communication ・ Energy Office (newly established): Various communication devices, low-dielectric materials, related equipment and process technologies, various systems for energy infrastructure, and storage batteries for a smart society